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The Teletrader HTTP Streaming server can push two distinct data types to clients: symbol related fields and news. In both cases, clients need to express their interest in a certain topic by subscribing to it. Clients can supply a list of fields they are interested in for each subscription. This allows a very fine-granular filtering of data that is pushed to clients. Currently, no request / response operations are supported.

Symbol Data

The server supports all FIDs (Field IDs, e.g. last, volume, etc.) available via the TeleTrader Web Service (TTWS). Clients can subscribe to virtually all available FIDs, the only requirement is that they have permission for them.

For symbol identification, Teletrader IDs (tts-id) are used. There is currently no support for symbol search or loading of symbol master data such as name, ticker, exchange name etc. However, this kind of data can be requested via TTWS.

New field values are distributed to clients as soon as changes occur. Several updates may be combined in a single message in order to preserve bandwidth and reduce latencies.

News articles

The server supports subscription to news articles and can deliver all FIDs available via the TTWS. Like with symbols, the only requirement is that client has permission for FIDs it wishes to receive.

The news subscription is centered on news sources, which are used to distinct client’s interest. For identification of news sources, their unique ID is used. There is no support for server-side filtering of articles: all articles published by a source are delivered to all clients that have subscribed to the channel of the source.

The delivery of articles occurs as soon as they are made available in the Teletrader backend system. Every article is delivered in a separate Bayeux message.