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TeleTrader Technologies

TeleTrader offers multiple technologies which fit to the requirements of our customers. Every possible application scenario can be implemented with our products. There are several technologies that provide access to the TeleTrader Data Universe. At the Technology Comparison you find out which technology fits best to your requirements.


With our technology you can:

  • Flexibly retrieve data over the web or through streaming APIs
  • Use a request or subscription based model to access the data
  • Apply functionality like charting to display financial information
  • Access a rich function set containing alarm functions, virtual portfolios and much more.
  • Use a powerful set of flash tools

Financial Web service TTWS

TTWS is a Web service for building financial applications:

  • used for Web portals, trading applications, backend systems
  • providing data and middleware features
  • REST/RPC-style interface
  • request based access to real-time data

Find out more about TTWS.

TeleTrader HTTP Streaming

The Teletrader HTTP Streaming is

  • a streaming data service
  • designed for real-time data delivery over HTTP connections.

It can stream market data directly to web pages, without the need for Java, Flash or any other components. Read more about


TeleTrader HTTP Streaming.

Data Streaming APIs

The data streaming APIs allow

  • low latency access to our data.
  • real-time data to be accessed in a request or subscription based model.
  • APIs are available in the technologies Java, .NET/C# and C++.

Explore the Data Streaming APIs.

File Exports

File exports out of our data universe are possible in all common formats:

  • Excel
  • XML
  • plain text, etc.

and over all common protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, etc.).


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