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Technologies ยป TeleTrader HTTP Streaming

TeleTrader HTTP Streaming

Teletrader HTTP Streaming provides a streaming interface designed for real-time data delivery over HTTP connections. It targets primarily web clients and can stream market data directly to web browsers, without the need for Java, Flash or similar components on the client.


Although it is optimized for thin clients running in web browsers, the server can push data to virtually any client that supports HTTP.

Built on open-source protocols and proven technologies, Teletrader HTTP Streaming server is a highly scalable and robust solution for delivering stock data to a variety of clients. On the server side, it leverages the ubiquity and power of Microsoft .NET technology stack to offer excellent performance. On the client side, it uses open-source protocols and de-facto standards, making integration with heterogonous client-side infrastructures easier.


For communication with remote clients, Teletrader HTTP Streaming server uses the Bayeux protocol . This is an open source protocol for routing events between clients and servers in a publish/subscribe model. Bayeux is a protocol for transporting asynchronous messages with low latency over a HTTP transport. The messages are routed via named channels and can be delivered the following ways: server to client, client to server and client to client (via the server).

The primary purpose of Bayeux is to implement responsive user interactions for web clients using Ajax and the server-push technique called Comet. As such, it fits very naturally into the Teletrader HTTP Streaming server.

Two of the most widely accepted Comet techniques are long-polling and streaming. Both of them are supported by the server. Streaming is currently supported with hidden-iframe and forever-response approaches, which covers most of thin and fat clients.

The Bayeux protocol is used as transport mechanism, on top of which an application level protocol is defined. This protocol specifies how clients can issue requests to the server and the format of messages exchanged by the server and the client.


Direct Updates

TeleTrader HTTP Push directly updates the market data on the web page.


TeleTrader Data Universe

TeleTrader HTTP Streaming allows real-time updates from our data universe. Explore the full

TeleTrader Data Universe