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Be a step ahead of the market - with one of the world’s most advanced financial Web service

The TeleTrader Financial Web Service (TTWS) is a


In addition, TTWS provides a rich set of middleware functionality such as

  • chart generation,
  • virtual portfolios,
  • watchlists,
  • alarms, and many more.

TTWS is one of the most advanced financial Web service worldwide and serves more than 150 million requests per month, including more than 25 million chart requests.

Financial Web Service - Request:

&id=tts-824756&symbolInfo=name isin
stockExchangeName typeNameEng currency&
showQuote=1&quoteInfo=last change
changePercent volume bid bidSize ask askSize 

Financial Web Service - Response:

<Result errorNumber="0">
  <SymbolList xsi:type="Symbols" totalRecords="1">
    <Symbol name="General Electric Co" isin="US3696041033" 
            stockExchangeName="NYSE" typeNameEng="Stock" 
            currency="USD" id="tts-824756">
      <Quote last="20.27" change="0.23" 
	      ask="20.27" askSize="14700"/>

Widely Adopted

TTWS is used by

  • a large number of financial Web portals,
  • Web-based brokerage clients and fat client applications (brokerage, technical analysis, etc.).

More than 80 customers in more than 10 countries are currently using TTWS, including

  • renowned banks and brokers,
  • media and news providers
  • and stock exchanges.

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