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The Data Streaming APIs are the best solution for customers who want to access the TeleTrader Data Universe from non-web applications, be it backend (server) or frontend (desktop client) applications. The API binaries can be integrated into these applications.

Supported Request Types

  • Quote Request for current snapshot data
  • Quote Subscription for receiving automatic updates to snapshot data
  • Time Series for historic data
    • Tick time series
    • Intraday time series with different compression rates (1 minute up to one hour)
    • Daily time series with different compression rates(Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Symbol search
  • Access to the TeleTrader News updates
    • Request news
    • Subscribe to automatic News updates
    • News search

Supported Platforms

Data streaming APIs are currently available for the following platforms:

  • C++ (Windows)
  • C# (Microsoft.NET)
  • Java

Distribution Packages

The APIs are distributed in 2 different packages:

  • The MDS API(Market Data Server API) is the package for both the C++ and C# versions.
  • The JMDC API(Java Market Data Connectivity) is the package for the Java versions