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Reduce your costs
and build powerful financial applications
with TeleTrader data services

TeleTrader Technologies – Financial Market Data as a Service

Don't waste your money for tedious integration of different data sources!

Get financial market data on-demand via TeleTrader technologies like TeleTrader Financial Webservice, HTTP Streaming Service, the Market Data Streaming APIs or customized file exports.

TeleTrader provides solutions for Banks & Online Brokers, Web Portals & Online Media, Investment Funds, Hedge Funds, Prop Trading Firms, Corporates, Print Media & Mobile Solutions providers. Read more about the TeleTrader Solutions.

TeleTrader is not only a data provider but also a technology provider. Benefit from the additional provided functionalities, like pre-generated charts, flash tools and many more. Explore the whole feature set.

TeleTrader technologies provide access to a large data universe. Explore the TeleTrader Data Universe
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