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Additional Data

In addition to frequently requested data, like quote data for securitites, funds data, interest rates, currency rates, etc., we also provide a wide range of specialized data. On this page, we show a small sample of the data available. Please contact us for further information if you do not find the data that you need here.


IPO data

IPO database with historical and current IPOs.

Company profiles

Company profiles with fundamental data and financial figures for ca. 4000 companies.

Master data

Master data is available for different asset classes:

  • Bonds (WM data and others)
  • Certificates and Warrants (EUWAX, Zertifikateb├Ârse Frankfurt)
  • Futures contract specifications

Contribute data

Our customers and partners can of course also contribute their own data to the TeleTrader systems and make them available for their own use or for all TeleTrader customers. If you already are a contributor, you can manually enter data here.